I've got some bad news. 

Many of you were having major issues with FBLeadChef this month. 

And the most common errors were... 

"No results", "blocked app ids" and some even had 24hr bans. 

Well, the main reason for this, was an update Facebook released earlier
this month for their api. 

It essentially broke many apps. ( Not only FBLeadChef ) 

In fact, even our main competitor went down. 

But here's the good news. 

Once I saw this happening, I immediately went into "defcon mode" and
started working on a reliable fix to manage these app ids without being
afraid of a future update. 

After a few days, and about 17 redbull's later, I finally landed on a
permanent solution for this problem.... 

But it was going to take a lot of resources and time to make it work. 

So, after careful consideration, I decided to revamp the Lychee API to
a managed service, to enable serious users to reliably use FBLC. 

( This is critical, especially if you are running campaigns for clients and
downtime is a big no-no ) 

To update FBLeadchef to version 4.0, click "Check for Updates" in the menu. 

So here's how the new Lychee API works.. 

Lychee API is a premium API service that provides 100% up-time for dedicated Facebook 
marketers. (Don't fuss with Facebook's plethora of updates)

Once you activate it, you don't have to worry about it. ( It runs in the background silently )
Lychee API users also get access to priority support. 

What problems does it solve? 
 - Facebook API update proof. 
 - Exclusive network with over 2000+ IP's so the service does not get disrupted by Facebook's servers. 
 - Reliability (  Bypassing any attempt by Facebook to throttle or disable your APP id )

If your business depends on the leads FBLeadchef provides, this is a must have upgrade. 

Without Lychee API, we cannot guarantee that your leads will be extracted properly - all the time.  

To get started, simply click the button below to get your personal Lychee API key. 

Use this coupon: LYCHEEPROMAY15 to get a loyalty discount.

P.S --- How easy is the installation for LycheeAPI? 

All the best!


Ash, Developer