If you are having problems activating FBLeadChef or need to reset your licenses, do follow this tutorial and you should be good to go. 

Step #1: Locate your JVZoo Transaction ID

When you purchased FB LeadChef, you would have received an email from "noreply@jvzoo.com" with
a subject line simillar to "[Receipt] FB Lead Chef - "

Pro Tip - If you're using Gmail, you can use the following search string to find the email:

from:(noreply@jvzoo.com) subject:([Receipt]) Product: FB LeadChef -

Step #2: Reset your installations

=> Click here to access our Account Management form. Simply enter your Payment ID and your license will be reset.

Direct Url: http://wickedsocialprofits.com/kalm/index.php/management

If you encounter any problems after resetting your license do drop us a ticket. Make sure to

include your receipt id to help us to help you quicker. 

All the best!